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Special Collections at UMFK: Home

Blake Library Special Collections Policies

Mission Statement

Blake Library Special Collections collects and provides access to historically significant materials pertaining to the university and its history, Aroostook County, the Dickey-Lincoln School project, and Maine history as it pertains to Aroostook County and its communities.

As a repository for both published materials and manuscript collections relating directly to the department's mission statement, Special Collections serves the University of Maine at Fort Kent community of faculty, administration, students and alumni, the University of Maine System, and the greater community, including scholars and researchers.

Access Policy

Blake Library Special Collections is open to the public but is only accessible through contact with library staff. All Special Collections materials are non-circulating; faculty desiring materials for classroom use should contact a Special Collections staff member.

Blake Library Special Collections Policies

Donations to Special Collections

Gifts to Special Collections are always welcome but will only be added to Special Collections if they support the department's mission statement. The library staff reserves the right to determine if donated materials fit the Special Collections mission statement. If not, the materials may be added to the main library collection, the Acadian Archives/Archives acadiennes, returned to the donor (if requested), or discarded at the discretion of the library staff. The Library staff will also consider the condition of the materials and determine if the library has the capacity to preserve and maintain them.

Deed of Gift Form

Blake Library Special Collections

Aroostook County collection
This collection contains materials related to the history of the land and communities of Aroostook County, including those of the Saint John Valley. The library actively collects the works of local authors/illustrators from Aroostook County, with a focus on the St. John Valley. In an attempt to avoid duplication of materials between the Special Collections and the Acadian Archives/Archives acadiennes, this collection will collect only published works about the Saint John Valley, including town reports and other local materials. Manuscript collections concerning the Saint John Valley should be offered to the Acadian Archives/Archives acadiennes.

Aroos. MS 1 Geological Survey (U.S.) aerial photographs of Fort Kent (Me.), 1975
Aroos. MS 2 Dickey-Lincoln School Lakes Project correspondence and press releases, 1978-1981
Aroos. MS 4 The Fraser Story typescript, 1949
Aroos. MS 5 Dickey-Lincoln School Lakes Project papers, 1974-1981
Aroos. MS 6 Aroostook County (Me.) collection, 1906-1982
Aroos. MS 7 IBU World Cup Biathlon, Fort Kent (Me.) newspaper clippings, 2004
Aroos. MS 8 History of Madawaska typescript, ca. 1920-1955   
Aroos. MS 11 Nadeau's House of Furniture (Fort Kent, Me.) photographic print

Maine History collection
The Maine History collection contains materials concerning the history of the state, which may include information on the Aroostook County and Saint John Valley regions. Also included in this collection are Maine state documents determined to be of enduring and intrinsic value.

University collection
Special Collections collects materials of historical significance to the history of the University of Maine at Fort Kent in all of its incarnations: the Madawaska Training School, Fort Kent Normal School Fort Kent State College of the University of Maine and the University of Maine at Fort Kent. The collection includes but is not limited to: yearbooks, student handbooks, course catalogs, and other University publications, alumni materials, photographs, audio and video recordings by/about UMFK, and manuscript collections pertaining to the UMFK community. Unfortunately, the library does not have the capacity to provide a records management program and therefore currently cannot retain all UMFK materials. Items such as business records generally will not be accepted or retained.

Univ. MS 3 University of Maine at Fort Kent collection, 1894-present
Univ. MS 9 Sharon Johnson letters, 1988-1990
Univ. MS 10 Floyd Llewellyn Powell collection, 1933-1982
Univ. MS 12 Eberhard Thiele collection, 1977-1990
Univ. MS 13 John L. Martin collection on Maine's natural resources, 1973-1994
Univ. MS 14 John L. Martin collection on the Evaluation of the Mineral Potential, Upper Saint John Valley, Aroostook County survey
Univ. MS 15 Floyd L. and Mamie C. Powell papers, 1936-1978
Univ. Madawaska Training School and Madawaska Model School registers, 1898-1950
Univ. Fort Kent State Normal School scrapbook, 1957-1958
Univ. 1.5.1 Madawaska Training School (Fort Kent, Me.) graduation photographs, ca. 1940
Univ. 1.5.2 University of Maine at Fort Kent, Blake Library construction photograph, 1988
Univ. Chuck Closser papers, 1975-1987
Roger L. Grindle centennial history research materials, 1970s
Univ. Inez Day Richards and Daniel Richards collection, 1925-1997

Rare books
This is a collection of materials on a variety of subjects. While rare materials are not actively collected as a separate collection, acquired materials determined to be of rare value may be retained in this collection.